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The EBL2001 is a Rugged, Dependable, Small, High Power 2000 lumen LED Light with a tight 7 degree beam. The EBL2001 contains a control circuit that optimizes the light output and the burn time. The EBL2001 will run at full output for 3 hours  on a single rechargeable 18650 Lithium Ion battery. The body is made of Delrin and the lens is polycarbonate. It is bright enough to be used as a primary light and perfectly meets the needs as a backup light,  The dimensions are 1.250" diameter x 4.75" long . Comes with Smart Charger and 2 Lithium Ion Cells Depth rated for 1000'


The LED2000XMB3 is the latest inovation in underwater lighting from Sartek. The LED2000XMB3 answers diver's concern with travelling with dive light batteries.  The LED2000XMB3 can use a wide variety of battery chemistries and sizes such as: 26650,18650, 22430,134A Rechargeable Lithium Ion Cells, C and AA rechargeable NiMH Cells and even C and AA Alkaline Cells.

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LED10000VW is a 10800 lumen, 6500 degree K, 120 degree beam angle, Video and Photography light, with a wetmate connector. The LED10800 uses the highest output LEDs available. The LED10000 is comparable to a 150-175 watt HID system. The LED10000 has an extremely even lighting pattern that reproduces color and contrast beautifully. Can be powered with NIMH and Lithium Ion batteries. Depth rated to 1000' .Comes with 1/4-20 mounting base. 10A @ 12VDC

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