Antiviral / Antibacterial Air Filtration Systems


Breathing Gas Equipment

Gas Switching Valves, Surface Breathing Vents,

Hoses, Fittings, Surface Supply Components, Pressure Relief Valves.

Video Cameras

Camera Systems for Commercial and Construction,

Public Safety, Environmental Monitoring, Educational.

Tethered systems with live audio/video feed for surface monitoring and recording.

Self Contained Video/Audio recording System for dive log and recreation.


Handheld Primary Lights, High Power Backup Lights,

Gauge Lights, Strobes, Emergency Lights,

Convertible Lights- Flashlight to Canister

Canister Lights

Canister Lighting Systems-

LED and HID from 220 Lumens to 3200 Lumens

2 Hour Burntime to 24 Hour Burntime

Video Lights


Self Contained and Canister Systems

220 lumens to 40000 lumens

 Surface and Submersible systems to meet every budget

Battery Systems

Sartek Battery Systems

Lithium Ion 4 volt and 12 volt2.6AH to 64AH

NIMH 4 Volt and 13.2 Volt 4.5AH to 18AH


Goodman Handles, Mounts,

Clips, Knives,

Video Reflectors, Diffusers, Filters

Component Parts

Batteries, Bulbs, Connectors,

Cables and Component

Parts to keep your Sartek Product in top condition.

Custom Projects

 Some of the custom projects that we have worked on over the years

Rebreather Accessories

PPO2 Meters,

Fittings, Customized Components,

System Customization

Security Cameras

Security Cameras hardwired and wireless,

Remote System Monitoring.

High Resolution, High sensitivity, Infrared, Thermal,

Bulletproof, Explosionproof, Submersible

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