Sartek SafeAire Antiviral Air Filter Systems- Independant Labratory tested and shown to Neutralize Viruses, Microbes and Bacteria.

Washable and Reuseable with a 10+ year life, with less than a 4% reducion of airflow.



 The LED1800XMB3 is the latest innovation in underwater lighting from Sartek. The LED1800XMB3 answers diver's concern with travelling with dive light batteries.  The LED1800XMB3 can use a wide variety of battery chemistries and sizes such as: 26650,18650, 22430,134A Rechargeable Lithium Ion Cells, C and AA rechargeable NiMH Cells and even C and AA Alkaline Cells.

RSV-1 New C‚Äčlip System for Public Safety Divers

The new clip permits the diver and the dive tender to immediately identify that the RSV-1 is in the start dive position.

This system will be standard on all new RSV-1 orders.Contact Sartek to upgrade your older RSV-1


New Season Specials

Swivel Cable Seal
Safe Aire Filter
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