The RSV-1 is a modular control valve that allows a diver to switch breathing gas supplies in less than a second. 

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The RSV-1 is a modular control valve that allows a diver to switch breathing gas supplies in less than a second.

The RSV-1 is particularly useful to a diver utilizing a full-face mask because it allows the diver to switch to their alternate air supply without discarding their mask (a valuable feature when diving in toxic or hazardous locations). 

The RSV-1 takes less than 5 minutes to install. Simply remove the supply hose to your regulator and install the RSV-1 in-line. 

The connection to your alternate supply can be achieved by either a "Quick Disconnect" or a threaded fitting. 


With the button down, the RSV-1 is on Primary gas. Release the safety clip and press the button on the bottom of the RSV-1 and you are on your alternate supply (which is indicated by the brightly colored marker band at the top of the RSV-1

With only one moving part, maintenance is easy. Simply freshwater rinse the RSV-1 along with your other dive gear.Dry the RSV-1 and remove only one screw in order to disassemble and grease the "O"-rings.

The RSV-1 is made from Delrin (a high tech engineering plastic from DuPont). The fittings are made from stainless and all "O"-rings are Viton.The three connection ports are identical, which allows the RSV-1 to be configured to suit the dive mission. 

Adapters currently available for: Ocean Reef full-face mask, AGA mask, EXOmask, and most standard regulators with a 9/16-18 thread and also Poseidon Regulators (special order). Quick disconnect fittings include: AGA, Air Source, and Air 2 fittings.

Harness mount and customized fittings are available. The RSV-1 is intended for use by Rescue, Military, Technical and Commercial Divers 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I switch breathing gases underwater?  Yes, you can switch breathing gases underwater. If you are using the RSV-1 with decompression bottles, you will be able to switch to your correct gases without having to remove your FFM (Full Face Mask). If you are using the RSV-1 as part of a SAR (search and recovery) team, in an emergency, divers can share breathing gases without the exposure to contaminants or cold water.

With an extra hose attached to the mask, isn't there an increased risk of entanglement? No. The RSV-1 positions the hoses at a 45 degree angle, to keep them much closer to the diver's head thereby minimizing the risk of entanglement.

Do I need special hoses for the RSV-1 Depending on the configuration that you select, you will need one of the following hoses Seaquest AirSource, ScubaPro Air2, Interspiro or 9/16-18 hose (standard regulator).

Where can I get these hoses?Your local scuba dealer should have them or you can order them from Sartek. Sartek can also provide hoses in a variety of sizes and colors such as: yellow, green, orange, black, blue, and red.

Do I need to do anything special to my first stages? In the event that you are not using an octopus, you will need to add an overpressure blow off valve to your first stages

Is the RSV-1 easy to maintain? Yes, you can field strip the RSV-1 in about one minute. There are only six "O" rings inside the RSV-1. Maintenance is very easy and should be done every 20 to 25 dives. All you have to do is remove the end caps, pull out the shuttle and wipe off the used grease, check the "O" rings, and apply new grease. That's it -- very simple and very user friendly.

Can I dive the RSV-1 with different masks or regulators? You will need to change the fitting that connects the RSV-1 to your FFM. It is very simple and will take you 30 seconds to do. As a prerequisite of purchase and in order for the warranty to become effective, you must fill out either the individual or team waiver, as appropriate. In addition, you must fill out the configuration sheet. For further details, please send us an email/RSV061620.pdf

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